From Small Town to School Captain

From Small Town to School Captain

Our Scholarship Program at Melbourne Girls Grammar provides opportunities for exceptional students to discover and pursue their strengths, interests and goals. For over 128 years, our Boarding House has welcomed students from regional areas, and empowered them to meet the future head on.

Every year, a number of scholarships are awarded thanks to the support of generous donors of the School. Thanks to this generosity, Melbourne Girls Grammar can offer boarding scholarships and bursaries to rural students who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to attend the School.

Lilli, Year 12, is one student who has benefitted from such an opportunity as she begins her 2021 school year as School Captain. From Yanco, NSW originally, Lilli joined the School in 2018 at the start of Year 9.

Becoming School Captain of Melbourne Girls Grammar is something that I am so proud to be able to say that I have achieved, and I feel very honoured. 

“I think Melbourne Girls Grammar and boarding schools in general just give you a lot more opportunities,” said Lilli. “I wanted to be in an environment where everyone is motivated to learn.”

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, every Grammarian is offered experiences that provide a broader focus to help them understand who they are, and what matters to them. While providing an exceptional education, the School is also innovative in its approach to prepare students for an increasingly complex and globally connected world.


“What I like about being in Melbourne is that it’s a lot bigger and a lot more diverse and you meet (especially in the Boarding House) a lot more people from different cultural backgrounds and from different parts of the world,” said Lilli. “I feel that Melbourne Girls Grammar’s school community benefits from a diversity of thought and opinions. It’s not just a group of all like-minded people, everyone’s different.”

 Lilli was pleasantly surprised with her new position as 2021 School Captain,  however, the announcement is a testament to Lilli’s leadership skills and the confidence her peers have in her.

“Becoming School Captain of Melbourne Girls Grammar is something that I am so proud to be able to say that I have achieved, and I feel very honoured,” said Lilli. “I applied for the role of School Captain because I wanted to be able to give back to the School community which has offered me so many amazing opportunities which would not have been possible otherwise. My new position has given me the confidence and knowledge that I am capable of things that I would not have thought possible before.”

Since she began her time as a boarder in the picturesque Boarding House in the heart of Melbourne, Lilli has learned strong values and lifelong skills like resilience and independence. With these 21st Century skills under her belt, she is now looking forward to leading her peers in 2021.

With the ultimate goal to become a human rights lawyer, Lilli has embraced every opportunity at Melbourne Girls Grammar and is a fantastic example of what a young woman can do when they are empowered in the right environment.

Boarding scholarships and bursaries can make a significant contribution to girls from regional Australia to study in Melbourne and receive a world class education. Apply online now at Scholarship applications close on Friday 5 February 2021.