Celebrating Strength and Embracing Differences

Celebrating Strength and Embracing Differences

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, our boarders come from all over Australia, and from overseas, and each girl brings with them a range of perspectives, experiences and ambition.

Each year in the Boarding House, students nominate and vote for Captain and Vice-Captain of Boarding to support staff and act as leaders and advocates for those who live in the Boarding House. In 2019, Grace Mulquiney and Annette Law bring their unique perspectives to their leadership roles.

In the Boarding House, we have a Sisterhood where all girls feel accepted and respected, regardless of who they are and what they believe in.

Grace, Year 12

Grace began boarding in 2016 as a Year 9, and returns to her home in Yarrawonga, North East Victoria at least once a term and for the school holidays.

“At home I have a three and a six year old brother, so being a boarder allows me to focus on myself and make the most of every opportunity without distractions. Living onsite enables me to access all the resources at school and surrounds, such as the sports programs and teachers or the many things Melbourne has on offer,” Grace said.

Annette has been making the trip to the Boarding House from Hong Kong since 2016, returning home only during the school holidays. But it hasn’t always been easy for Annette. “I was initially extremely home sick; however, this experience has definitely made me a more resilient, independent and confident person,” said Annette.

While it can be tough with parents and family not always close by, the wellbeing of each student is managed within a ‘triangle of care’, that comprises the parent, staff and the student. Our Boarding School team encourage regular and open communication with families. In order to achieve their best, every girl is supported and settled in the Boarding House.

Grace said “In the Boarding House, we have a Sisterhood where all girls feel accepted and respected, regardless of who they are and what they believe in. With all of us being apart from our families, we’re all in it together to support one another unconditionally.”

Grace’s mother, Lauren Mulquiney, has enjoyed seeing her daughter’s personal and academic growth since she joined the Melbourne Girls Grammar Boarding House. “The focus on wellbeing and journey of our daughter as a unique individual has been at the forefront of our experience thus far. Grace has thrived on the academic challenges and co-curricular and sporting opportunities that have presented themselves. The inclusive environment in the Boarding House means the girls truly celebrate each other’s strengths and embrace differences, which gives MGGS such a strong, vibrant culture and sense of community.”

To ensure that the Boarding House remains an environment for capable young women to develop the skills and confidence to succeed, staff are appointed for their diverse interests, experiences and skills. This makes for a vibrant, inclusive community where your daughter will feel safe, cared for and able to share her ideas, make friends and source advice when needed.

One of the great strengths of boarding at Melbourne Girls Grammar is the quality and depth of the relationships built between the School, families and girls.

“My favourite part of being a boarder is that I get to constantly meet new people and that I think it has really helped me grow as a person. As a leader, I try to be friendly and empathetic to the new or younger girls. Going into a new environment is hard and even a simple smile and ‘Hey how’s your day going?’ can really have a positive impact on someone,” Annette said.

We support and encourage our girls to learn about themselves, develop their character, build relationships and become independent young women. A boarding experience at MGGS prepares and empowers our girls for life beyond school.