The Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities in Year 5 

The Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities in Year 5 

A Melbourne Girls Grammar education builds a strong foundation for learning and for life. At MGGS challenge and choice create opportunities for every student to discover who she is meant to be.  

As she enters Year 5, your daughter will have grown more comfortable with her school routine; she will be excited to test her independence and be ready to take on new challenges. This is the perfect time to encourage her to branch out and explore the co-curricular activities on offer at MGGS.  

Here are 8 benefits of co-curricular activities in Year 5: 

  1. Finding new interests. Some children thrive in an activity-based environment more so than a classroom. By exploring our co-curricular options, your daughter can identify her passions and develop new skills. Our Middle Years Art Club allows students in Years 5 to 8 to explore their interest in Art via creative workshops on Wednesday lunchtimes.
  2. Making friends. By joining a new team, group or club, your daughter will get the opportunity to interact with peers outside the classroom, forming new friendships and social skills in the process. The small music ensemble, Pianists Plus, brings piano players of all ages and levels together. “With someone always at your side, the process of practice to performance is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding,” says Emily.  
    Year 5 students sing as part of the Choir at the 2023 School Concert.
  3. Time management. By partaking in additional activities to schoolwork, students can learn how to balance their study with other commitments; this teaches them the importance of setting priorities. Committing to a team is important, students trying out for School Sport Victoria (SSV) teams (like swimming, athletics or soccer) must remember to attend lunchtime trials during selection periods.  
  4. Physical fitness. Depending on the type of co-curricular activity, your daughter may have the opportunity to get her body moving. By staying active and involved in Artemis sport and wellbeing programs throughout her time at MGGS, your daughter will lay the foundations for a healthy lifestyle. MGGS Netball offers year-round participation in two weekly training sessions and a Saturday game during term time, building fitness and technical skills for Year 5 students.

    2023 SSV Netball team with coach Zoe (2024 Netball Captain) at the SSV Netball tournament.
  5. Reduced stress. Co-curricular activities serve as an enjoyable distraction from schoolwork. When your daughter is actively engaged in the activity at hand, it can help relieve the stresses that come with academics. Garden Club on Tuesday lunchtimes provides Years 5 to 7 students with an opportunity to get their hands dirty tending vegetables and flowers in the Science building rooftop garden.  

  6. Cognitive development. If the co-curricular activity your daughter has chosen is something that tests their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, such as debating, quiz competitions or book club, this can significantly improve their cognitive development. Our Gaming Club offers students the opportunity to learn technical IT skills like coding, necessary for an education and career in the digital age.   
    Loukya plays chess with friends in the Nina Crone Library.
  7. Cultural awareness. By being exposed to activities outside the School curriculum, such as arts, music, cultural events, and more, Grammarians can broaden their understanding of the world and foster an appreciation for diversity. Languages Week hosts unique immersive cultural activities each year, such as guzheng workshops, Papel Picado crafts and a visit from a mariachi band! This year, we’re excited for the inaugural Harmony Day, which will provide an opportunity for all students to get involved in a multicultural festival in collaboration with the Parents Association.  

    Wildfell students get involved in a range of activities during STEM Week.
  8. Character building. Often, co-curricular activities require participants to work in a team, as well as exercise discipline and determination. These transferable skills will help your daughter to build character and resilience not only in their schooling, but their everyday life. Participation in the Middle Years production or musical, either as an actor or backstage crew member, fosters self-confidence and growth as well as inter-year level co-operation. “It is so exciting to see the costumes and set come together, and most of all perform on stage to an audience,” says Abbie.  

    Grace and Annie conquer the low ropes course on Year 5 Camp in Anglesea.

I came to Wildfell this year, and ever since I walked through the gates of MGGS, I have made great friend and loved the facilities and experiences on offer at Merton Hall.
– Maya, Year 5 2023. 

The Year 5 and 6 program at Wildfell enables students to develop their creativity, independence, reflection, teamwork and leadership skills with a tailored approach that successfully bridges primary and secondary models of education. This allows Wildfell students to access the many opportunities at the Merton Hall campus, while completing their unique academic program.