Early Learning (ELC)

The first steps of a child’s education are an exciting time for  families and our Early Learning Centre is where a lifetime of learning begins.

Our Early Learning Program is designed to start children on this journey, engaging them with a combination of play and intentional teaching practices, set amidst beautiful, stimulating learning spaces.

We encourage inquiry, excitement and a connection to the natural world with the aim of sparking curiosity, exploration and discovery in our girls.

Developing foundations of self-confidence is paramount, and we provide safe and secure environments to enable students to flourish as the individuals they are.

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Explore Our Curriculum


We recognise the rights of students to explore, question, reflect, problem solve, theorise and communicate their thoughts and findings through a range of expressive languages.

We place a high emphasis on our environment both indoors and outdoors, to ensure there are opportunities to explore, discover and engage in learning.

We strongly believe and actively promote the importance of the early childhood years in laying the foundation for ongoing learning and wellbeing.

We promote equity and value the diversity that students bring to the Early Learning Centre.



The Early Learning Centre offers choice and opportunity to play, explore, develop relationships and engage with life’s joys and complexities.

Wellbeing in our Early Learning Program is founded on these principles and students are encouraged to understand the ideas of ‘being, becoming and belonging’.

This manifests in an emotional connection and awareness of their existing relationships: with parents, the community and the girls around them.

It also develops a sense of agency in our girls, unlocking the independence and confidence to express themselves and explore their world independently.

Physical wellbeing contributes to the broader program, aiding each child’s ability to concentrate, co-operate and learn.


Studying languages fosters an early appreciation of the role of language and a growing awareness of different cultures from a young age.

Children learn greetings, games and the interactions of general classroom language, family, colours, numbers, days of the week, favourite pastimes, songs and stories, the seasons, nature, food and places.

MGGS teaches Italian as part of the Early Learning Program.

Music and Movement

At the Early Learning Centre, music is considered a language of expressive capacity and potential. 

The specialist program aims to provide the foundation for children’s musicality through dance, movement, music and storytelling. 

We use voice, beat, melody and rhythm as defining features of the program. Sol-fa hand signs are introduced to teach skills in pitch discrimination and rhythm syllables are gradually incorporated through sight-reading.

The development of students’ musical literacy and their confidence to participate is of primary importance.