VCE Results 2022

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Our 2022 VCE results demonstrate the incredible commitment our Grammarians have to their studies at MGGS. These great results also demonstrate our School community’s capacity to support all students to achieve their personal best.  

Our students have the ability to make choices; to find relevance in their learning and stimulate an open mind capable of sharing ideas, understanding complexity and building skills and knowledge. They select experiences that build on their interests. MGGS encourages ‘the pleasure of the rigour’ and providesuniversity style of education at the upper levels. Students explore global themes and issues, discover the diversity of artistic styles throughout history and contextualise creative thinking in response to time and place, solve problems for the betterment of society and innovate through the application of technology and scientific practice. They do this both within and outside the classroom.

We recognise that our pleasing VCE results are only the part of the story as far as the experiences our students are afforded in their time with us. Our alignment of values as a community is strong and, in every classroom, we see the fostering of a genuine love of learning and a paired curriculum that provides high expectation, high challenge and high support.”
Dr Toni E. Meath, Principal

2022 VCE Results

40% of our Year 12 students obtained an ATAR result of 90 or over,
placing them in the top 10% of the state; this is a great achievement. 

Our VCE students have excelled in a diverse range of studies. Study scores of 45 or higher were achieved in 18 studies, covering English, Humanities, Languages, the Arts and STEM – Biology, Maths, Physics and Psychology. 

2022 High Achievers

The following students received an ATAR of 95 or higher:

Louise Wang 99.8 Ruby Jones 98.8 Jessica Swan 97.45
Alexandra Zhang 99.8 Isabelle Manetta 98.4 Alexandra Leonards 97.05
Maddison Farrow 99.7 Hannah Thomson 98.25 Maggie McCallum 97.05
Isabelle Balding 99.65 Anonymous 98.2 Charlotte Clark 96.9
Isabel Brindley 99.65 Abbie Montague 98.2 Ella Cooper 96.55
Claudia Casson 99.65 Jessica Woodyatt 98.2 Caitlin Chew 96.5
Chloe Romanowicz 99.35 Olivia Cox 98.15 Audrey Nguyen 96.4
Helen Han 99.15 Anneka Hansen 98 Emma Chamberlain 95.85
Lorie Lau 99.1 Victoria Lee 97.9 Rory Evans-Greenwood 95.4
Ella Grant 99.05 Chloe Trindade 97.8 Elisha Sellick 95.35
Daisy Lunnie 99.05 Ahelee Rahman 97.7 Eleanor Roger 95.25
Emily Vains 98.9 Grace Koczkar 97.45 Sasha Stevenson 95.15


The following Grammarians received the outstanding news of a perfect Study Score during their Year 11 and Year 12 VCE studies:

YEAR 12 Isabelle Balding Biology
  Ella Grant Art
  Louise Wang English
YEAR 11 Zoe Vlahos Biology

Meet our 2022 School Duces

We congratulate our two 2022 School Duces: Louise Wang and Alexandra Zhang

Louise Wang

School Dux – ATAR 99.80

Louise is a highly organised and hardworking student, taking on additional VCE subjects for the love of learning and the opportunity to keep herself busy and engaged. A member of the Monash Scholars Program, she was also recognised as part of the Premier’s VCE Honour roll in 2022 for her outstanding work in Chinese as a Second Language. 

During her time at Melbourne Girls Grammar School, Louise successfully balanced her academic pursuits with her extensive involvement in the co-curricular life of the School…

Alexandra Zhang

School Dux – ATAR 99.80

Alexandra is an independent, determined, creative and focused student with a conscientious and mature attitude. A high achiever, she is a Monash Scholar with a record of academic excellence that extends throughout her schooling at Melbourne Girls Grammar School. 

Alexandra embraced a variety of co-curricular activities that challenged her and also got involved in community service. As Music Captain this year, Alexandra demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and led her peers with confidence and maturity…

Meet our 2022 School Dux Secunda

We congratulate our 2022 School Dux Seconda, Maddison Farrow.

Maddison Farrow

School Dux Seconda – ATAR 99.70

Maddison demonstrated enormous determination and resilience in pursuing her workload and goals in Year 12. She applied herself with determination across all her subject areas. Throughout VCE, Maddison studied English, Latin, Accounting, Specialist Mathematics and French.

During her years at Melbourne Girls Grammar School, Maddison appreciated the community and the opportunities that were available to her. She was a member of the Rowing program and received a number of medals for her outstanding achievements, including selection for the 2021 Australian Rowing championship and two ‘Head of School Girls’ rowing titles. She also participated in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, school debating and the school choir…

2022 Student Reflections

Isabelle Balding

Isabelle is a determined, compassionate and hardworking student who pushes herself to be the best she can be in all areas of life. She was also very successful at balancing her academics, sporting activities and social life 

She truly embraced her passion in sport, and worked hard at any sport she got involved in. In 2022 Isabelle has made the MGGS 1st VIII after being in the 3rd VIII in 2021, received the Henni Roxburgh Award for most improved rower 2022 and was a part of the historic Henley UK 2022. She was also a member of the Merton Netball Team (MGGS 1sts) in 2021.

Tamara Baker

Tamara started at MGGS in prep and she quickly developed a passion for all things STEM. In Middle and Senior Years, she developed with a particular interest in online safety and security of young people. She has undertaken extensive training and workshops in coding, blockchain development and engineering with organisations including Engineers Without Borders and the eSafety Commission.

Claudia Casson

Claudia joined MGGS in Year 9 as a boarding student from Foster, Victoria. Demonstrating resilience, adaptability and a strong sense of who she wanted to be, Claudia immersed herself in school life, joining multiple groups such as the Rowing Team, the Green Room Tutoring Program and Debating Team. 

With the admiration and respect of her peers Claudia was elected School Vice Captain for 2022. She wore the honour proudly, the School values front of mind in her actions, and it is through deeds, not words, that Claudia made her mark on the School. 

Ella Grant

Ella has achieved many accolades outside of the classroom, in particular in the Arts. Ella is passionate about the Visual Arts, and was elected 2022 Art Captain.  

Ella is highly regarded by teachers and students for her fierce intellect, curiosity, and scholarly approach to learning. Punctual, reliable, and committed to her academic program, Ella has applied herself with determination across all her subject areas and shown persistence. 

Daisy Lunnie

Daisy is an accomplished, ambitious and focused young woman who has achieved much during her 15 years at Melbourne Girls Grammar. Daisy has shared her many talents in many different ways, and this has brought her much enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

Isabel MacKinnon

Isabel is a talented and endlessly enthusiastic student who involved herself in a wide variety of extra-curricular challenges in her six years at the School. Isabel has a deep passion for Drama. She chose Drama as one of her VCE subjects and also held a major role in the Senior Years production of Matilda this year.