Discover Senior Years at MGGS

Melbourne Girls Grammar offers a contemporary and challenging Senior Years Program for girls in Years 9 – 12.

Internationally recognised for its innovation, the Melbourne Girls Grammar Senior Years Program integrates academics and wellbeing for girls to access an unparalleled suite of opportunities.

We teach girls how to self-manage and be independent learners within positive and supportive environments, developing the resilience, persistence and confidence to achieve their best in any pathway they choose.

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When our girls feel well and in control of the many aspects of their lives, they can confront obstacles and challenges with confidence.

In the Senior Years, the Wellbeing Program focuses on the importance of the social, emotional, physical and academic wellbeing of our girls, ensuring they feel empowered and ready to live a life of good health.

An extension of the physical and co-curricular activities in which girls participate, the Fit for You profile is a tracking measure for girls to keep active and achieve their physical goals.

Between students and Fitness Coaches, active plans are developed that support all round personal fitness. Our girls develop positive habits that support their mental health and overall wellbeing for life.

LEARNING program

The Senior Years is a four year learning continuum framed by two phases: Years 9 – 10 and Years 11 – 12.

As the students move into the Senior Years, they exercise full control over the structure and elements of their learning plan. In Years 9 and 10 they choose from standard, advanced and accelerated courses as they develop a pathway that aligns with their passions, talents and aspirations. In the VCE (Years 11 and 12), Grammarians choose from over 30 course options and work diligently towards optimising their post-school opportunities.

Designed to facilitate independence and resilience, our teachers and support staff have an unwavering focus on knowing each girl and encouraging them to stretch and challenge themselves through diverse and new experiences.

Find out more about our learning philosophy and curriculum on the Senior Years Student Program page.

Why a Girls' School?

The top 4 research-based reasons for same-sex schooling

We’ve compiled the major benefits of a single-sex education over co-ed, including its positive impact on:

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  2. Social skills
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Senior Years Handbook

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