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Give your daughter an education that will transform her future, starting with Early Learning at Melbourne Girls Grammar.

2 ELC Girls playing with worms in the garden

The first steps of a child’s education are an exciting time for families and our Early Learning Centre is where a lifetime of learning begins.

Our Early Learning Program encourages wonder, self-confidence and a connection to the natural world, with the aim of sparking curiosity in 3 & 4 year old kindergarten girls. We understand the importance of the early childhood years in laying the foundation for ongoing education and wellbeing.

The Early Learning Program at Melbourne Girls Grammar has been influenced by a range of research into neural development and learning through secure, supportive relationships. Through our curriculum, children experience the power of learning together in large and small groups, while pursuing their own individual learning pathways.

We place a high emphasis on our environment and ensure that there are opportunities for children to explore, discover and engage in learning. Set amongst our beautiful surrounds, each room of the Early Learning Centre is a flexible studio with easy access to our outdoor spaces, enabling our educators to implement an indoor and an outdoor learning activity where appropriate.

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We have many opportunities available for families to come and meet our Director of Early Learning or to explore our campus through private tours.


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