Top Tips for Preparing Your Daughter for Year 7

Top Tips for Preparing Your Daughter for Year 7

Making the change from primary school to ‘big school’ is a key milestone for all adolescents. Often, Year 6 students can go from feeling like ‘top dogs’ to little fish in a big pond as they move into Year 7.  

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we successfully mitigate these concerns through our Middle Years Program. With two Middle Years learning experiences, Wildfell (Years 5 and 6) and St Hilda’s (Years 7 and 8), we have created a tight-knit community and welcoming environment designed for a seamless transition from Year 6 to Year 7. 

Of course, it’s natural that students can be overwhelmed when starting Year 7; after all, it often signifies the start of puberty, more rigorous study and changes to friendships. 

So, how can you help prepare your daughter for ‘big school’ and the potential challenges that can accompany the transition? Here are five tips: 

  1. Familiarise your daughter with our school environment. Book a tour to explore Merton Hall, meet the teachers, and ask any questions to ease anxieties. The good thing about MGGS is that some students remain on our Merton Hall campus from Year 5, meaning that our Wildfell girls will be able to show their new friends around.

  2. Encourage good study habits. You can help your daughter feel at ease with the Year 7 workload by helping them create a consistent and balanced homework routine. This will also teach them time management skills.

    Jemima studies in the Nina Crone Library with Daisy and Lucy.
  3. Foster independence. While teachers are always there to guide students, independence is a big part of growing up and feeling accomplished. Encourage your child to take on more responsibility for their own communication and tasks.

    Coco grabs her books before her next class in the Merton Hall Wing.
  4. Strengthen social skills. While it can be awkward and daunting to make new friends, being able to collaborate and form social connections is an essential life skill. Encourage your daughter to interact with her peers in and out of School; our range of co-curricular activities are perfect for fostering connections and friendships.

    Gemma plays basketball on the Artemis Team Zone with Aadya, Eva and Phoebe.
  5. Be supportive and open. Starting Year 7 is a big change for all children; they are likely feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsure of themselves. The best thing you can do is listen to their concerns, answer their questions, and do your best to support them.