Positive Body Image in Early Childhood

Positive Body Image in Early Childhood

This week we were fortunate to host Merissa Forsyth, the Founder and CEO of Pretty Foundation, an organisation with a clear mission: to nurture positive body image from a young age.

It is okay to be different because we are born like that

Research shows that to build the foundations for positive body image, girls must be exposed to this type of thinking from early childhood. As such, the foundation aims to start conversations around body image and self-esteem when young girls are aged two to six years old.

In a special workshop, our 4-Year-Old ELC and Prep students came together with their Year 8 ‘big sisters’ and heard from Merissa about Pretty Foundation’s latest book and animation ‘Charlie’s Tales: Cassia and the Fire Dragons”. The key message of this story was that whilst our bodies may be similar in many ways, they are also different in others. Despite these differences, all bodies are special and can do amazing things.

Merissa questioned the girls after hearing the story, asking them: Why it is okay to be different? Some answers from the girls included “it is okay to be different because we are born like that” and ‘because we have different personalities”.

With the support of their Year 8 role models, our girls completed an activity asking them to draw what they can do with their amazing bodies. Some of their artwork included pictures of them hanging upside-down on monkey bars, doing gymnastics, balancing and running fast.

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we believe that it is of upmost importance for every girl to develop healthy relationships with their bodies, and respect one another for our differences, as it is our differences that makes us who we are.