Morris Hall Girls Join Big Sisters in MGGS House Colours

Morris Hall Girls Join Big Sisters in MGGS House Colours

Friday 2nd of February was a historic day at Morris Hall, which saw the conclusion of Chisholm, Franklin and Gould houses – houses which had been in place since the opening of Morris Hall.

Our girls have now joined their big sisters in the following five Melbourne Girls Grammar houses: Mungo (Green); Hensley (Pink); Clarke (Red); Batman (Yellow); and Taylor (Blue).

The announcement of the new house colours was made by our Year 12 House Captains, who visited from the Merton Hall campus for the House Colours ceremony. Each girl was presented with a card, which had a coloured dot inside, revealing which house each girl was in. To the delight of our girls, this reveal was followed by the presentation of a corresponding coloured balloon!

Closely following this ceremony, we held the Morris Hall House Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 13 March, where our girls paraded their new house colours for the first time! Our girls showed their house spirit, by running, jumping, throwing and cheering their hardest. The event of the day was undoubtedly the Prep egg and spoon race!

This change has fostered numerous positive connections with Merton Hall and is certain to ensure a consistent House Spirit and sisterhood for many years to come.