Future Proof: Dana Ma (2009)

Future Proof: Dana Ma (2009)

Graduating from Melbourne Girls Grammar in 2009, with her passion for mathematics, Dana Ma secured a spot at Cambridge University in the UK and studied a Master of Mathematics. Following her University studies, Dana worked in London in the Finance Sector as a Software Engineer, until she recently returned to Melbourne to work at Zendesk.

Zendesk is a Silicon Valley company, which provides customer service software for 115,000 clients around the world, including Uber, Groupon, Realestate.com and The Salvation Army, to name a few. Dana is currently working as a Data Engineer and applies machine learning techniques to customer service.

“Being able to learn new things, being really excited by learning, that’s in the teachers and the girls. We all contribute to that atmosphere.”

Dana attended Melbourne Girls Grammar on a Scholarship and recalls to this day her excitement in learning that she would be attending the School. Dana fondly reflects on the culture at MGGS, and the way that learning was cherished by both the staff and students. In particular Dana is thankful for her teachers from school, who opened her eyes to the world of mathematics, and encouraged her to be the best she could be.

Dana acknowledges that although the software development industry didn’t exist when she was at school, through learning skills of adaptability and resilience whilst at Melbourne Girls Grammar she was able to thrive.

“It’s pretty incredible how MGGS managed to set me up to do a job that didn’t even exist when I was studying”

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