From the Principal: 9 June 2020

From the Principal: 9 June 2020

Anderson, Clowes and Caroline Streets were filled with great happiness this week as we welcomed our last Grammarians back to campus after a two month hiatus due to COVID-19.

On the first day back for our Year 11 and 12 students on 18 May, there was much foot tapping and virtual hugging to be witnessed. At Gate A, students were welcomed with a pumping playlist lovingly curated by KB herself, and our new Executive Director of Senior Years, Mr Francis was able to meet the senior students in person, rather than via Zoom. Our Year 5 Grammarians settled back into Wildfell as if they had never left it and the playground was buzzing with the chatter of friends reuniting. And again today, the feeling was jubilant as we welcomed our Years 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Grammarians back to campus. These have been moments for our history book, and they have been joyous! For our students who remain in remote learning due to health or travel reasons, we miss you and we look forward to welcoming you back for the first day of Term 3!

It was wonderful to welcome the rest of the staff and students back today and see so many students wearing the School pants. These look really smart when worn appropriately: not rolled up, with the shirt tucked in and the fawn socks. Students are also reminded that the blazer should be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3. Due to the closure of the change rooms in Artemis, Middle Years students are permitted to wear their PPH uniform (preferably tracksuit pants and rugby jumper) to school on the days of their PPH classes. 

It has been a term like no other and I would like to say thank you to our community for the kindness, sharing and support! This week we launch our first all digital copy of Information Exchange, fondly known as IE. This edition of IE captures the creative ways our community has lived through this pandemic, including a spotlight on our remote learning and how we dealt individually and collectively with isolation. It is a treasure trove of narrative, images and recordings and I am sure will be an important keepsake for our archives.

We have launched our 2020 Meet the Future Campaign that has been developed to highlight the focus of our MGGS 2020-2025 Strategic Plan with a focus on the learner at the centre of all we do. Thank you to Shyla (Year 3), Julia (Year 7) and Daisy (Year 11) and their families for being strong and courageous ambassadors of the campaign for our school. Each story represents how the opportunities at MGGS enable each Grammarian to flourish in their own way and that the education they receive is a holistic one and always focuses on the individual. These vignettes certainly have been receiving much positive attention on Social Media.

Winter is upon us and in the final weeks of term our staff having been busy assessing student work and writing Semester 1 Reports. Our senior students are in the thick of tests and assessments and our students have been impressive in their attention to the tasks at hand. The feedback given to students is critical in the learning process and I encourage all families to have a conversation with their daughters in how they perceive themselves to be progressing in their learning. Students will receive their reports on the last day of Term 2, excepting our VCE students who will receive their Semester 1 Reports in line with the VCAA adjustment of extending Units 1 and 3.

And finally, this virus has not gone away, and a vaccine seems still a fair way off, so it is incumbent on us all not to be complacent. We have encouraged our staff to download the government COVID-SAFE App and we encourage you to do the same. We have provided COVID testing for all our staff and we will continue to monitor our practices carefully. School will look a little different for the next little while, with staggered beginning and ending times, no lockers, shortened lunchtimes, no T-Bar or Artemis Cafe and social distancing where possible. Please ensure that your daughter only brings a light bag to school and encourage her to continue with hand and respiratory hygiene, and please do not send girls if they are unwell.

Keep warm, stay healthy, and stay safe!


Dr Toni E. Meath, Principal