From the Principal: 7 June 2021

From the Principal: 7 June 2021

Annual Giving 2021 has commenced and this year a significant portion of funds raised will go towards scholarships. To receive an education at Melbourne Girls Grammar is a precious gift. Our focus this year is to provide opportunities for girls and young women from families who would otherwise not be able to send their daughters to our School to consider access through scholarship.  At a time when education has proven to be more essential than ever, I ask that you consider giving whatever you can. Thank you to those in our community who have already donated. You can donate here. 

It was with a heavy heart that we informed our Year 8 and Year 9 Grammarians that we have made the necessary decision to postpone the Year 8 and 9 2021 journey to Arnhem Land. As you can imagine this decision was made in the best interests of keeping our community and that of the Yolngu people safe from the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to both Year 8 and 9 cohorts visiting Arnhem Land this year and have revised dates in Term 4. To help you plan, the journeys are as follows: Year 8 Friday 15 October  – Wednesday 20 October 2021,and Year 9 Sunday 24 October 24-Friday 29 October 2021. 

We have also needed to postpone our Year 5 Camp to the Grampians, our Senior Years production of Away and our Junior Years Production of Cinderella. We are optimistic that as soon as we can announce new dates for these we will. 

We are very proud of the curriculum offerings at MGGS. We also know that the curriculum should be dynamic and responsive to innovation and unique to the needs of all cohorts. There are a few improvements and refinements to our syllabus for 2022. The Wildfell program will see an increase in time for core instruction and a focus on strengthening the music program.  

The St Hilda’s program will see the introduction of technology as a subject to ensure the School is in alignment with the Victorian Curriculum and to provide our Grammarians with strong foundations in this area.  As part of the Senior Years Program, the Years 9 and 10 courses will see several refinements, including an increase in instructional time for all subjects and the introduction of an additional elective line that students can use more flexibly. This will offer more choice and personalisation than is currently available. In this new elective line, students can take an additional subject, up-skill with a micro-credential, or reduce their overall study load with an ‘ILT block’ developed in conjunction with an Individual Education Plan.  

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we place the learner at the centre; this focus also influences how we plan and make strategic choices about our academic program. Wellbeing will remain at the heart of our Senior Years Program and Grammarians will still have Wellbeing and Academic Coaches to support their learning journey. The Senior Years Program is known for its adult learning style. It is an approach that encourages independence and agency and these enhancements will continue to build upon the rich traditions of the School in innovation and future-focused strategies.   

Winter is upon us and in the final weeks of term, our staff have been busy assessing student work and writing Semester 1 reports. We continue to support all Grammarians in remote learning although we are delighted to have welcomed back to Merton Hall our Year 11 and Year 12 students.

Our Grammarians are in the thick of exams and assessments and they have been impressive in the resilience they have displayed in pivoting into our fourth lockdown in Melbourne. Grammarians will receive their Semester 1 online reports on Friday. This is an opportune time to discuss with your daughter their learning progress and ways in which they can enjoy the many opportunities that come with being an MGGS student.

I wish you all a safe and happy winter holiday break. Keep warm, stay well and take time to care for yourself and each other.   

Yours in learning 
Dr Toni E. Meath 


Dr Toni E. Meath, Principal