From the Principal: 22 May 2018

From the Principal: 22 May 2018

Ms Nikki Kirkup and I were very proud to attend the Premier’s VCE Awards on Tuesday 15 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Five MGGS students received awards:

From the Class of 2017: Isabelle Stewart received recognition as a Top All-Round VCE High Achiever, as well as subject awards for Latin and Physical Education;
Alexandra Roger for Chemistry 
From the Class of 2018: Ella Best for Physical Education, Isobel Nicholls for Biology, Dawn Lee for Korean Second Language, undertaken at the Korean Language School of Melbourne

Isabelle is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Chancellor’s Scholars) at The University of Melbourne and is an Academic Coach in our Senior Years program. Alexandra is enjoying her studies and life at ANU, undertaking a Politics, Philosophy and Economics/Science double degree.

Congratulations to these young women for their persistence and passion, and warm acknowledgement of the teachers who encouraged and extended them to fulfill their academic goals.

The June Fowell Memorial Dinner was held on Thursday 17 May at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. Attended by Year 12 mothers and daughters, this is always a much loved event. Guest speaker Natasha Stott Despoja provided the girls a wide ranging reflection on her career and her greatest role model, her mum. Ms Despoja is also a mother to two children, and used her current challenges in parenting both a son and a daughter to comment on her hopes for future opportunities for young Australians.

I so enjoyed chatting with Natasha about our community, especially our girls, pointing out that I am always in awe of their motivation, their ability to gather together and support each other, and their earnest approach to making the most of their opportunities. All this was reflected in Charlotte Jones’s address on the evening, delivered with poise and warmth. It was a memorable moment on the journey as Year 12 move through their final school year.

I am delighted to announce that Reverend Kirsty Ross has accepted the invitation to join MGGS as our new Chaplain.

Kirsty is currently Chaplain at Trinity College, Cambridge University, having been appointed there in 2015. She completed her undergraduate theological studies at Trinity College, Melbourne, and holds a teaching degree from The Queen’s College, Oxford. In addition to her Chaplaincy role, Kirsty is a Vocations Advisor for the Diocese of Ely, a Governor of two schools (one primary and one secondary), and is currently undertaking a Masters of Counselling at the University of Cambridge.

Kirsty is married to Alex Ross, Assistant Chaplain at Emmanuel College Cambridge, and they have a son, William and daughter, Isabella. Kirsty and her family are relocating to Melbourne and she will commence at MGGS as Chaplain for Semester 2, 2019. The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne, has been consulted on Kirsty’s appointment and commencement date, and he is most supportive of the outcome. As a young woman, mother and professional, Kirsty will be a wonderful role model for our girls. She is excited to join our community. Until Kirsty’s arrival, Father Walter and Reverend Denise have generously committed to leading our Chapels and being present at important community events.

The girls and staff have been working hard to ensure our Merton Hall School Music Concert in our 125th year will be a tremendous celebration. I do hope you will join us on Thursday 24 May at the Melbourne Recital Centre.