From the Principal: 22 May 2017

From the Principal: 22 May 2017

As I write this I lament a Demons capitulation against the fearsome Kangaroos, 14 points the loss and it might as well be 40. The crowd around me in the stands was at least entertaining in its commentary until the last. At one point, despair with umpiring had a group of stalwart male fans calling for the first female umpire to come and save the day. If only!

Of course, once the haze of the competition lifts, fans are sympathetic to the players and dinner table conversations attempt solutions for a win the next round.

On 19 May, the mighty MGGS AFLW team took to the field against the undefeated MLC. Undefeated for some seven years. The camaraderie of the girls supporting our team, the gusto with which they sang our school chant, heralded the arrival of our players and from the opening play their commitment to the ball and to each other was on great display. The MGGS win was well earned and I commend the girls for a great open to their GSV AFL season.

The DJ Ross Scholarship is a unique opportunity at MGGS. Named in honour of the seventh principal of MGGS, Ms Ross was a progressive educator who believed in the potential of all girls to pursue a purposeful and satisfying life. This scholarship provides funds for girls who benefit from individualised learning support. The DJ Ross Scholarship is a celebration of the human diversity that makes our community of students a broad, rich and aspirational one.

The DJ Ross Oration was held on 10 May. Guest speaker Janet Hailes Michelmore AO (Kay, 1971), is a distinguished campaigner for women’s rights, a wonderful philanthropist, and a passionate OG. “DJ Ross and Jean Hailes – visionary women and their legacy for women’s education and health” was an engaging address that brought to our collective attention the roles of women leaders who lift the expectations of those they serve and those who follow them. I am grateful to Janet for her openness in sharing her mother’s legacy and enlarging our understanding of what continues to be priorities for advancing investment in women’s health.

Today we acknowledged the 46 Year 11 students who achieved the Field Award. This Award requires students to sustain their efforts over Years 9 – 10 in five domains of endeavor: House, Academic Achievement, Physical Challenge, Community Action and Service, and Personal Passion.

Over the coming days we will showcase student stories from this field of outstanding young women. I am so impressed by their resilience, their perseverance and aspiration to be their very best. It is a long standing tradition in our 124 years that MGGS girls aim to be all round graduates, strong in their values, open to opportunities, and striving to achieve their personal goals.

In the next four weeks you will see the Artemis Centre come to completion and we will begin a carefully planned transition into the Centre. We will communicate with parents soon about an “open afternoon”, an opportunity to take a tour just prior to our girls and staff living and learning in our Artemis Centre.