From the Principal: 20 February 2017

From the Principal: 20 February 2017

We have had a happy and productive beginning, with students and teachers connecting and communicating as courses unfold and activities such as House Swimming and Drama pop up on calendars.

The Whole School Cocktail Party was very well attended (almost 600 attendees), and created a fantastic welcoming environment for new parents and staff. Followed by the Boarder’s Family BBQ and the Morris Hall Breakfast, I was delighted to be part of such positive community gatherings. The year ahead will provide many more such opportunities for our families to experience MGGS community spirit and I encourage you to pencil in some dates.

We welcomed our 2016 VCE High Achievers to our School Assembly on Monday 13 February where we warmly congratulated them on their outstanding achievements. It was very special to have current Year 12 girls reflect on the all-round excellence and participation of each of the 15 girls, personalising the acknowledgement with memories of kindnesses, humble leadership, and generous participation. Our girls understand that the gift of an education at MGGS must mean more than academic endeavour – every girl has a responsibility to contribute broadly to her student community, live well with others, and maintain perseverance in her studies.


We continue to receive news of the accomplishments of the Class of 2016. Georgina Wawryk has been successful in gaining a place in Top Class Drama 2017, while Angela Gong (Year 12, 2017) has been offered a place in Top Class Music. Annabel Holt has been awarded a place at Oxford University studying Classics. Congratulations and best wishes to all three girls.

The SEC Assembly today was a hugely enjoyable event. Attended by Years 5 – 12, the Assembly is eagerly anticipated and does not fail to both entertain and inform. The SEC Mantra for our student community is “The Little Things Matter.” Throughout 2017, the girls will be encouraged to do the small things in every day with a good heart, so that together our girls enjoy quality relationships and a strong sense of belonging. The SEC also previewed upcoming activities for the girls to get involved, demonstrating that they have really thought carefully about including all the cohorts in building community spirit.

No doubt you have taken in the quickly evolving façade of our Artemis Centre. We are anticipating the building works to continue into April. In discussions with our architects, the approach will be a transition of programs and personnel into the Centre for the duration of Term 2, to ensure safe management of our new and exciting environments, as well as mastery of the conditions within these environments. Our PPH team continues to collaborate and make the most of our temporary facilities and surrounds, and our girls happily adapt alongside these arrangements. We truly appreciate the community’s support and patience as we near the final stages of this important project. As our plans for operationalising Artemis solidify, we will communicate these and expected timelines.