From the Principal: 19 September 2018

From the Principal: 19 September 2018

Having decided on a refresh for the Navy Blue Lunch, the NBL Committee chose the Glass House as the venue and in its 15th year, this event further evolved as our iconic community gala event. Over 420 guests enjoyed a fabulous lunch and generously donated funds through the auctions to the 125th Anniversary Scholarship Fund and the students’ chosen charity for 2018, Headspace. It was fantastic to see parents and OGs from all parts of the School and across alumnae cohorts come together at this event. I was so touched by the thank you I received from parents, the generous acknowledgement of my service to MGGS will be a treasured memory.
We thanked PA President of 4 years, Lisa Beaumont, for her wise, steady and outstanding contributions. I reflected on her collaboration with me, and thanked Lisa for her encouragement and guidance. With the graduation of her second daughter Emma this year, Lisa will return to Canada with her family. She will take our sincere gratitude for all she has contributed to MGGS.

Last week we experienced a very special Morris Hall Performs in Ross Hall. Prep – Year 4 showcased their music making talent. I freely admit that I shed my first tears during the opening choral performance and my last in the closing rendition of A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman. A superb highlight was the guest appearance of the Merton Hall Chamber Voices partnering with the full P – 4 choir, demonstrating the power and the uplift of sisterhood at MGGS. In our 125th year, our Junior Years girls shone in this event. Huge thanks to Mr Alex St Vincent Welch and the team of staff who worked tirelessly to ensure the girls performed with confidence and joy.

It really is a feast of student events as Term 3 comes to a close. I have so enjoyed the enthusiasm of the girls as they apply themselves to the diverse opportunities that surround them in their community life at school. I particularly want to note the outstanding scholarship and polished presentations of Year 6 at their Exhibition of Learning, the courage and creativity of Year 12 Drama in their Solo Performances, the confidence of Year 4 finalists in their public speaking finale, Morris Hall Speaks, and the passion of our Model UN students, with MGGS hosting students from MGS, Scotch and Melbourne High.

My sincere thanks to the 2018 SEC as it completes its period of service to MGGS. These students have modelled inclusion and led strongly on our theme of sisterhood in our 125th year. They have demonstrated the School Values through their leadership, building community culture and setting the bar high for our 2019 SEC to follow forward.

On Saturday, we gathered for the annual Blessing of the Boats, and I was delighted to address the MGGS Rowing Squad and announce the new coxed quad was to be christened the Emma Grant (Rickards, 1991). Since graduating from Melbourne Girls Grammar, sport and education have been central to Emma’s career. She was the first to row and coach in our Program, and represented Victoria and Australia post school. After completing her Master of Education (Student Wellbeing) at the University of Melbourne, Emma returned to MGGS in the pioneering role of Wellbeing Coach. In addressing the girls, Emma spoke passionately about the influence her education and family had on her life, emphasized the importance of pursuing your passions, and praised the powerful experience of sisterhood within MGGS.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a restful and rejuvenating term break. There is much to look forward to in our final term and I hope the girls will return happy and ready to go. For those whose hearts “beat red and blue” perhaps there may also be at least one more win to celebrate!