Developing Digital Citizens

Developing Digital Citizens

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we are acutely aware of the impact technology has on the lives of our girls and believe that it is critical to equip them with skills to thrive in the online world.

We focus on developing digital citizenship, equipping our students to communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly whilst navigating their lives online.

This is high on our agenda at Melbourne Girls Grammar, and as a part of our proactive approach, we have employed Digital Advisor, Ms Idil Eker, to focus on the education of effective digital citizenship and “future proofing” our students for the digital world.

My purpose is to give support and advice to young people to enable them to have the power to make the right choices when navigating their lives online.

Ms Idil Eker, Digital Advisor

With a focus on both student wellbeing and digital citizenship, our Digital Advisor provides advice and support to students, so that they feel confident to make positive choices about their own digital citizenship. By working closely with students, she can more accurately assess students’ digital needs and understand how to provide the help they may need.

Digital Citizenship Model

The foundations of our digital citizenship model were built with inspiration from DQ Institute, an internationally renowned organisation, committed to setting global standards for education and policies on digital intelligence. The below model depicts the 8 digital domains upon which our program is built.

Digital Citizenship in Action

During 2018, we built, trialled and launched a modular Digital Citizenship Course for Middle Years students. This course was designed to develop understanding and resilience around digital identity, screen time management, cybersecurity and cyberbullying management. Feedback received from students who have undertaken the program has been overwhelmingly positive.

I hope to inspire young people to use technology in positive ways and encourage them to be their most authentic selves.

Ms Idil Eker, Digital Advisor

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