Celebrating Student Success – Ondine Thompson, Equine Studies

Celebrating Student Success – Ondine Thompson, Equine Studies

Ondine Thompson completed VCE VET Equine Studies (Certificate III) as part of her VCE studies over 2022 and 2023, completing Units 3 and 4 in 2023.

Students completing Equine Studies can participate in scored or unscored units across one or two years. Like Ondine, students wishing to receive an ATAR contribution for Units 3 and 4 must undertake scored assessment for the purpose of achieving a study score. This study score then contributes directly to the ATAR, either as one of the student’s best four studies or as a fifth or sixth study the same as other VCE subjects.

The VCE Equine Studies course is an introduction to the equine industry during which students learn the skills and knowledge to work safely with horses, including basic horse husbandry and care, understanding equine behaviour, daily work routines and equine anatomy. The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) requires students to complete approximately 80 hours of structured workplace learning placement throughout the course.

Ondine found the practical component of the horse health and welfare topic the most interesting and enjoyed combining knowledge from previous areas of study like equine physiology, anatomy and nutrition with new units. Ondine has enjoyed developing new skills to use in emergency situations, in addition to everyday horse wellbeing.

The additional workload required effective time management, dedication and prioritisation of her studies, Ondine says. At times it was difficult to juggle her classes outside of MGGS with her school schedule but, overall, she found the experience very rewarding and she is proud of her ability to manage it all. She also found it super energising being in different environments with students from a variety of schools.

Ondine was “very fortunate to have teachers who consistently provided her with support and guidance,” helping her to catch up on any missed content. The School assisted Ondine with the administrative engagement with Box Hill Institute, who facilitated the Equine Studies course, and encouraged her to pursue this opportunity.

A few weeks ago, Ondine was advised that she had been nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for Student of the Year for Equine Studies and was invited to attend the awards ceremony at Box Hill Institute. Ondine’s enthusiasm for Equine Studies was evident to her teachers and reflected in her outstanding study score of 46. In recognition of her achievement Ondine also received a Premier’s Award for this subject.

Ondine’s proactive approach to learning created an inclusive environment for her classmates that saw her awarded Student of the Year for 2023 in Equine Studies.

Ondine receives her Student of the Year Award for Equine Studies at the Box Hill Institute.

In addition to Equine Studies, Ondine also undertook Units 3 and 4 of Psychology in Year 11 last year, for which she received a perfect study score of 50.

Ondine’s exceptional commitment to her studies is clearly demonstrated by her outstanding achievement in both subjects. Ondine juggled the assessment and study requirements of her two Year 12 subjects with her Year 11 course load, in addition to leaving campus each Wednesday afternoon to attend her Equine Studies classes. This year, Ondine also plays an important role as a member of the Student Executive Council, elected by the student body as the representative for the Community and Environment domain.

Ondine’s passion for horses and success in this area is a fantastic example, not only of the determination of our Grammarians to discover and pursue their passions, but how our brilliant Senior Years team supports our students to do so while simultaneously focusing on their VCE goals and outcomes.  

We congratulate Ondine on this wonderful achievement and thank her for setting a brilliant example for her peers and younger Grammarians.