5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Remote Learning

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Remote Learning

Remote learning (and unprecedented) seem to be the buzz words of the moment as we all try to make sense of our new ways of working, communicating and learning. But while you may have heard a lot about remote learning, you might not know exactly what it means.  

So here are 5 things you didn’t know about remote learning in the Senior Years Program at Melbourne Girls Grammar. 

Fact 1: Students are given the flexibility to structure their day to suit them. 

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, our Learning Management System allows teachers to upload course content in advance. Some students cope better when they know what’s expected of them in the week, others like to work ahead and some prefer a day by day approach, planning their own timetable with to do lists, post it notes or calendar events. 

Fact 2: Classroom sessions run like a well oiled machine. 

Our Senior students know how valuable the face to face learning is that they receive, so when they have the opportunity to collaborate and seek feedback and suggestions, they’re eager to hear it.  

The classes are much more focused. I would say our class would go through the same amount of work in 30 minutes than we’d normally get through in a 55 minute class at school. This is probably because no one talks over each other in class and no one comes late.” – Grace. 

Fact 3: Our Senior Years cohort are stepping up and making the most of all the skills we’ve reinforced throughout their time at school. 

Finding ways to support others, making time to be active and working ahead using the resources on the Learning Management System. This would be the synchronous and asynchronous learning you might have been hearing about, the blend of tasks gone together and apart. We offer this to increase flexibility for teachers and students and allow for personalisation. 

Fact 4: Students can still access any extra support they may need. 

Sometimes these unprecedented times have us acting out of character, maybe a bit tired and lacking motivation. Wellbeing Coaches, teachers, counsellors and families support the learner to ensure they can achieve their best.  

“All my teachers have been super supportive and have done everything possible to make the transition smooth and provided more resources to make the learning aspect easier, which has been very reassuring.“ – Athena. 

Fact 5: Everyone is being so creative, not just in their new found hobbies but in the ways they plan to connect with the community. 

The ‘Remote Relay’ has been particularly fun to watch! 

“The daily ‘Remote Relay’ initiated by our School Captain gives each nominated student a chance to share her account of the day, while sharing funny anecdotes and helpful wellbeing tips through email. Things like this remind me how grateful I am for the MGGS community, working carefully to ease the stress of this unfamiliar process and students finding creative ways of connecting and showing support. The remote learning experience will ultimately help us succeed during this difficult time.” – Claudine.