VCE Results 2021

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

We are so proud of our Grammarians from the Class of 2021, not only for their results today but for all their achievements. This cohesive group of young women will definitely be remembered for their empathetic nature, how they have overcome challenges together, continuously supporting and inspiring each other.

In acknowledging the Class of 2021, we recognise the breadth of their accomplishments. They are a wonderfully diverse group of students, each with their own individual strengths and passions. Our Grammarians not only leave us with the results received today, but also with many other personal achievements, life skills and attributes, including leadership, confidence and a sense of agency.

We are so pleased that our students have received results that will open doors to further learning and opportunities. But ultimately, education is about so much more. And as a school community, we are so proud of all the times our students have tested themselves, shown intellectual courage and strong leadership. – Dr Toni Meath, Principal

Our graduates and newest Old Grammarians have not only shown adaptability and resilience, they have also been strong and bold individuals throughout their years at MGGS. They have learnt to use their voice when they believe in something and have a sense of identity and confidence in who they are and their place in the world. As a girls’ school, we are proud to be nurturing Victoria’s next generation of female leaders. We are confident that these results will open doors, extend passions and fuel ambitions.

2021 VCE Results

Over half of our Year 12 students obtained an ATAR result of 90 or over, placing them in the top 10% of the state; this is an amazing achievement. 

Our VCE students have excelled in a diverse range of studies. Study scores of 45 or higher were achieved in 15 studies, covering English,  Humanities, the Arts and STEM – Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. 

2021 High Achievers

The following students received an ATAR of 95 or higher:

Angel He (99.95) Georgina Darcy (98.25) Chloé Adnams (96.70)
Grace Whitbourn (99.80) Madeleine Valentine (98.25) Siena Stockdale (96.60)
Mimi Barnes (99.50) Sorcha McGill (98.10) Anonymous (96.55)
Emma Woo (99.35) Daisy Graham (98.00) Claudia Yeung (96.30)
Yang Yu (99.30) Jessie-Rose Dahan (97.95) Tenley Brandon (96.25)
Emma Birrell (99.30) Elsa Ajani (97.60) Pippa Woods (96.20)
Anna Dunlop (99.30) Victoria Kwon (97.60) Anonymous (95.95)
Tania Phan (99.20) Phoebe Faulks (97.40) Niamh Johnson (95.90)
Joy Xu (98.85) Juliette Roysmith (97.40) Natasha Wood (95.85)
Merrin Giles (98.40) Coco Harley (96.85) Ella Breeze (95.80)
Deyin Wu (98.30)  Josephine Burns (96.75) Lily Hockings (95.65)


The following Grammarians received the outstanding news of a perfect Study Score during their Year 11 and Year 12 VCE studies:

YEAR 12 Mimi Barnes English
  Emmanuelle Coates Visual Communication Design
  Angel He Mathematical Methods in 2020
  Angel He Chemistry
YEAR 11 Claudia Casson Physical Education
  Emma Chamberlain Physical Education

Meet our 2021 School Dux

We congratulate our 2021 School Dux, Angel He, on receiving the highest achievable ATAR: 99.95. Angel is one of 39 students (and one of 11 girls) in the state to receive a perfect score.

Angel He

ATAR: 99.95

Angel is an intelligent, diligent, and conscientious young woman who appreciates all aspects of school life with maturity and purpose. Angel displays a sharp intellect, a caring nature, and has an excellent rapport with both her peers and teachers alike. 

Extremely motivated and hard-working, Angel has set clear goals and has endeavoured tirelessly to achieve them. Angel is dedicated and is to be commended on her pursuit for excellence. New challenges are something Angel approaches with a positive attitude, showing adaptability and resilience. 

Meet our 2021 School Dux Secunda

We congratulate Grace Whitbourn on receiving an ATAR of 99.80.

Grace Whitbourn

ATAR: 99.8

Grace is a hardworking, kind, and driven individual who always displays a conscientious attitude toward her responsibilities. Grace is an exceptional young person whose wisdom and motivation is admirable. She is an extremely versatile and strong-willed student, who is committed to do her very best in any subject. 

2021 Student Reflections

As I finish Year 12, I know that I’m ready to enter any university space; I have developed lifelong skills such as critical thinking and active participation and learning. I am so excited for my future! MGGS has pushed me to pursue the subjects I genuinely love, leading me to seek a future career in academic professorship and humanities, which would not have been possible without the encouragement and tenacity of my brilliant History and English teachers.

Amelie McIntosh

As so many months in our last years of school were in and out of lockdowns, I found it most challenging completing SACs (School Assessed Coursework) at home, especially the ones for my practical subjects such as Physics. With all the uncertainty surrounding this year, it was hard to even know what would happen in the next week, but thanks to the continuous support and reassurance from school, that stress and apprehension was eased.
Melbourne Girls has set me up with many tools to help me feel confident and ready for life beyond this School. From the Year 9 and 10 wellbeing program, I learnt that in order to do well in both academic and sporting domains, we have to take care of our wellbeing and make it a high priority. Furthermore, through the ILT (Instructor-led training) system, I have been able to become more organised and self-motivated in my studies, which I hope I can take into my future endeavours.

Natasha Wood

I understand what I need to do to end up where I need to be and have been provided with so many skills in order to be able to adapt to changes in my environment and workload. I also know how to ask for help and support when I am struggling to understand content and feel comfortable in doing so.

Georgia Furness

Melbourne Girls Grammar provided me opportunities to explore many different areas of studies in order to find what I am truly passionate about. I am very proud that I discovered my passion for Italian, which I have studied since Year 5. With the support of many great teachers, I could develop my skills and find a love that I will continue to develop during my time at university.
MGGS has instilled many values on me that will be beneficial in my life beyond the School. For instance, through my time at School, I have learnt how to effectively manage my time, maintain a good work ethic, and help and encourage others around me.

Anna Dunlop

MGGS has fully prepared me to have an educated opinion and to back myself. We have always been encouraged to form our own beliefs and to freely critique the injustices in the world. I know that no matter where I end up, I will continue to combat what I disagree with and continue to implement tangible change wherever I go. Whether it be in a politics class or in the drama room, we have always been encouraged to develop well-informed understandings of the flaws in our society, and furthermore discuss how we can approach and resolve these. Due to this, I am confident that I will continue to actively speak, sing and write about all the issues I am passionate about, in hope that one day I can inspire someone as this School has inspired me.
A large challenge this year was finding motivation within this unpredictable climate. I found myself ridden with procrastination and immobility several times, and the anxiety surrounding upcoming SACs and exams did not help this. However, the understanding nature of my teachers has been a true saviour during all of this. Whether it is setting small, yet effective homework tasks so we could achieve something small to gradually build confidence, or simply ending a Zoom 20 minutes early so we could have some screen-free time. This showed us that they care for our wellbeing as well as our academic success, and gave us the extra support we truly needed in these times.

Chloé Adnams

MGGS has equipped me with the confidence to voice my opinion and speak truth to power, a principle I believe is vital when confronting life beyond the red brick walls and being an active member of our ever-evolving society. Further, MGGS has always projected the importance of maintaining balance and a multifaceted life. Throughout my time at MGGS, I was not only exposed to countless opportunities and encouraged to develop my passions for sport and leadership, but I also gained a multitude of skills and values that have prepared me for a dynamic life beyond school.

Elsa Ajani

Throughout my time at MGGS, I learnt many life skills and valuable knowledge that I will take with me through my endeavours in the future. I have participated in many enterprise opportunities offered by the School, including overseas volunteering trips, certification courses and work experience. The School has not only allowed me to achieve my academic goals, it has also allowed me to expand my horizons and learn various life skills.

Phoebe Faulks

MGGS has equipped me with the ability to be resilient and persistent in my pursuit of opportunities and of justice. Applying for School Captain will forever be an experience I treasure and relate back to. I've learnt so much in my meetings with Dr Meath and the Executive Council pertaining to how to deal with big decisions that impact the wider community.

Tiffany Chiang