Old Grammarians Abroad

Old Grammarians Abroad

We are proud of the extensive reach of the success of our Old Grammarians. In our history we have seen many women go on from Melbourne Girls Grammar to become front runners, innovators, inventors and stars. We love to hear from our Old Grammarians about how their foundation at the School helped them go on to do what they always dreamed of.

Madeleine (Maddy) Galea (2017) has just graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and launched a podcast designed at sharing her experiences as an Australian artist in America, and set up a production company, Quilt Arts.

Maddy started with the School in 2012 to begin Year 7. “I had heard great things about Melbourne Girls Grammar, and choosing it as a school felt like such a natural path,” said Maddy. “To me, the opportunity to choose what to study and have a broad selection of optional subjects was a fantastic drawcard.”


“Whilst I was at Melbourne Girls Grammar, I really liked the opportunity to take part in whatever stimulated me. I liked the sense of friendship and support from both students and teachers and how staff fostered a love of learning within the community,” said Maddy.

The School places a strong emphasis on attracting the best educators so that our students can benefit from their experience. Maddy echoed this sentiment when recalling where her love of the dramatic arts started. “My time at Melbourne Girls Grammar shaped my love of performing and interest in the arts. The drama curriculum and its teachers (Ms. Page in particular) always pushed me to think outside of the box, and to hold myself accountable to my creative dreams. I also vividly remember playing an ogress during Sleeping Beauty, and feeling like I could honestly do anything,” Maddy said.

When reflecting on her time at School, Maddy said, “Melbourne Girls Grammar empowered me to not see any limitations to my potential. The School helped instil in me a mindset that I was responsible for my own success and that I had every skill at my disposal to achieve what I wanted.”

Within a supportive and inclusive community, Maddy feels a great sense of support from the School. “Whilst the girls are encouraged to strive for the best, there was immeasurable support between me and my peers, as opposed to a feeling of competitiveness. I think the passion the staff have for teaching and the diversity of the curriculum is what makes Melbourne Girls Grammar such a great school.”

Maddy is now busy with her production company in New York, specialising in independent theatre, film and multimedia. The Quilt team is a collective of artists hailing from four different continents, brought together through a desire to explore the amalgamation of cultures and artistic expressions from around the world.

It is wonderful to hear the success stories of our alumna as they transfer the skills from their time at Melbourne Girls Grammar to forging successful careers in the future.