Her Future Starter Pack

Education is not a race to the finish, and at the end of the journey you should have more than an ATAR.

Melbourne Girls Grammar (MGGS) provides a single-sex education that starts your daughter on the ideal trajectory for any future endeavours she wishes to pursue. The environment is welcoming, nurturing and supportive, and everything we do centres around each girl and what she wishes to achieve.

Thinking about your daughter’s future as soon as possible, means that very early on you can lay the foundation for an education founded on clear choices, the best fit and what’s best for her in the long run.

To help you make the best choice for your family, we provide a range of resources to ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

We host parent information workshops on a range of topics to help you understand all the considerations of choosing the right school, along with articles, Frequently Asked Questions and other helpful tools.

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Challenge, choice and opportunities

From the nurturing environment in the Barbara Tolson Early Learning Centre to the self-directed autonomy in the Senior Years Program, we provide a personalised learning experience. You can choose the best starting point for your daughter to make the most of your time at MGGS, no matter which year group they enter we make sure every girl in our care feels safe and supported.

 You can apply for entry into:

  • Early Learning (3 and 4 year olds)
  • Prep
  • Year 3
  • Year 5
  • Year 7
  • Year 9

Applications are always welcome for any year level, however a place is never guaranteed and we recommend applying early.

Our Rich History

MGGS is a modern school, with an immense and impressive history, that has adapted and innovated to provide exceptional educational opportunities for contemporary girls. Our legacy of over 125 years provides us with the foresight to prepare your daughter for an unknown future.

Our focus has always been on developing and empowering young women. Our programs are designed to focus on the needs of your daughter to build competencies and extend capabilities. MGGS provides authentic opportunities to learn and engage with real-world experiences – international programs, internships, and leadership development – to prepare your daughter for an increasingly complex and globally connected world.

In all year levels we reinforce and encourage student centred learning. We want your daughter to always learn and practice important life skills. This extends to our focus on wellbeing and how we support the social, emotional and physical health of girls. Sometimes we forget how capable our children are. At MGGS, we trust them, respect their ideas and encourage them to explore and discover. Every girl is made to feel important, individual and that they belong.