Melbourne Girls Grammar 2018 Calendar of Events

Events at Melbourne Girls Grammar provide the opportunity for members of our community to connect in a range of ways throughout the year. Below is just a summary of some of the events the School, students and Parents Association organise.

For booking information or further details on these events, please email

ELC and Morris Hall Events 

Event Date
ELC 3yo Grandparents Morning Tea Tuesday, 5 June
ELC 4yo Grandparents Morning Tea Wednesday, 6 June
Morris Hall Grandparents Day (Year 1 &3) Friday, 3 August
ELC 3yo Father’s Day Breakfast Wednesday, 29 August
ELC 4yo Father’s Day Breakfast Thursday, 30 August
Morris Hall Father’s Day Breakfast Friday, 31 August
Morris Hall Performs Thursday, 13 September
ELC Christmas Celebrations Thursday, 29 November
Morris Hall Carol Service Thursday, 29 November

Merton Hall Events

Event Date
Merton Hall History Society event Wednesday, 9 May
June Fowell Memorial Dinner Thursday, 17 May
Middle Years Mother Daughter Breakfast Tuesday, 22 May
Merton Hall Music Concert Thursday, 24 May
Year 7 Grandparents Day Thursday, 9 August
Senior Years Father/Daughter Breakfast Tuesday, 4 September
Parents Association Navy Blue Lunch Friday, 14 September
Valedictory Breakfast and Chapel Thursday, 20 September
Boarders Parent Cocktail Party Thursday, 20 September
Celebration of Sport Dinner Tuesday, 16 October
Art Exhibition Opening Wednesday, 17 October
Year 12 Valedictory Assembly and Dinner Thursday, 18 October
Year 12 Valedictory Dinner Thursday, 18 October
Boarders Valedictory Chapel and Dinner Sunday, 21 October
Speech Night Wednesday, 28 November
Middle Years Chapel Friday, 30 November
Whole School Carol Service Wednesday, 5 December


Old Grammarian Events

Information relating to events for Old Grammarians can be found by following the below link to our Old Grammarians Society webpage.

Old Grammarians Society Webpage