Wraparound Support

One of the great strengths of our Boarding House is the quality and depth of the relationships built between the school, families and girls. Our girls truly value the opportunity to learn about themselves, develop their character, build relationships and become independent young women. 

With our boarders spanning Australia and, in many cases, the globe, they bring with them a wide range of abilities, learning experiences and expectations. This diversity of experience and perspective ensures that our girls are exposed to different ways of thinking and seeing the world which builds a broader outlook on life.

Our Boarding House is a residential community integrated into the learning hub within Melbourne Girls Grammar, which enables a holistic and balanced approach to our students’ education and a strong culture of collaboration. 

Building robust relationships is critical for collaboration and we purposefully have formal, informal, staff-led and student-led activities to embed and strengthen relationships. Student leaders form a significant part of this social structure in the House.

Through boarding, the girls develop a strong connection to their peers as well as the many adults that care for them. Feeling supported and comfortable are key stages in feeling a sense of belonging, and with young and dynamic professional staff who reside amongst the girls in the House, we aim to reflect the scope of personalities and needs of each girl in the diversity of our staff team. 

Collaboration between Boarding House staff and boarders is critical in responding to the needs of the girls and we strive to work together to continually change and find improvements. The house has a fluid and open door structure and girls can speak to staff at any time and we always encourage self and peer advocates.  

The staff know the girls really well and provide hands-on support and guidance and are strong role models. They are there when the girls return from school and they are there when they go to bed.

A staff member specifically allocated to our Middle Years’ boarders also provides the different support the younger girls require. The Boarding House leadership team collaborate with the boarding team and day school ensuring the best care for the girls.


Outside of the Boarding House staff, we collaborate with a wide range of other staff and members of our school community. Communication is constant with guardians for daily arrangements and tracking of the girls.

For international boarders, girls are supported with their English across all subjects by an experienced team of educators. The International Co-ordinator spends lots of time with the girls in and out of the classroom and we are fortunate to have an Old Grammarian working with us who also acts as a translator.

In the day school, there is regular collaboration and communication regarding wellbeing and academics with our Middle Years and Senior Years Program Directors. 

The resilience and compassion required to reside with peers as an adolescent is significant and there is no doubt that boarding as an experience is challenging. The independent living skills and an ingrained culture of determination to achieve their best are core to our boarders’ experience. With a wraparound team of support bridging both the Boarding House and day school, the girls are provided with a safe space to challenge themselves and push themselves at every opportunity.