Life Of A Boarder

When you first start boarding, you’ll notice a lot of changes in your routine. Every boarder’s experience is different but each and every one of you has the power to create your own personal boarding journey.

Welcome girls and parents to the MGGS Boarding House. We are delighted to be your Boarding House captains, Evie and Charlotte, for 2018!

Every girl’s boarding journey is unique as she is able to explore her passions and achieve her best in whatever it is that she chooses to pursue. This independence and abundance of opportunities is what makes it such a rewarding and fulfilling adventure. In the house, girls are encouraged to develop their own routines, gaining confidence and independence in time management skills. We encourage that girls involve themselves in as many activities as they can. It is a great way to develop friendships with girls throughout the school and enables each girl to find her way, ensuring they are enriched by all the opportunities MGGS and the wider Melbourne community has to offer.

The boarding experience is truly unforgettable, however, you will endure many challenges along the way- that’s ok, even we still do. We believe that these hurdles will help shape you, as you grow into a strong and resilient young woman.

We all experience homesickness in one way or another and at different stages of our boarding journey. We also all cope with it in different ways such as running the Tan, chatting to a resi, or even going shopping with the other girls. As captains, we hope that all girls will feel comfortable to seek help and guidance from us, and we know that many of the other students will want to offer that support as well. We are here, with our doors open, ready to help and extend a hand. When you arrive at the boarding house, you will meet a buddy boarder who will help you settle in and be there for you whenever you need.

We know you will love the residential staff, a great range of young women who come from all walks of life. Lots of these staff are young university students and many are past boarders themselves. They are all super friendly and approachable and happy to help with anything.

On weekends, particularly at the start and end of each term, there are many activities for girls to involve themselves in; getting to know each other better and exploring the city of Melbourne. Our socials with other Melbourne boarding schools are many girls’ favourite events- involving lots of dancing and a good time. Just as fun are the weekly supermarket trips, weekend ice-cream adventures and other in-house activities such as Bounce, movies and heading across the river to the MCG.

In the Boarding House, you will be surrounded by girls from all around the world, some perhaps from your own hometown and others from places you have never been. You will slowly get to know everyone, but it’s up to you how much you invest in these relationships. We really encourage you to continue to develop these friendships and embrace the diversity as it will lead to lifelong memories and a greater global perspective.

We know you may be nervous (we know the feeling!) but we are hoping you are as excited as we are for this new chapter. Although it is a fresh beginning, we want you to maintain connections with your friends and families at home, because they will miss you as much as you do them! No matter what, stay true to yourself and you’ll fit right in. We cannot wait to meet you!

Evangeline Mullins

2018 Boarding House Co-Captain

Charlotte Douglas

2018 Boarding House Co-Captain