Life Of A Boarder

When you first start boarding, you’ll notice a lot of changes in your routine. Every boarder’s experience is different but each and every one of you has the power to create your own personal boarding journey.

They will seem frightening, but you will soon come to realise these changes are for the better – whether it’s cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen, making sure your bedroom is neat and tidy, keeping up with homework or doing your washing. You’ll develop independence and learn to rely on yourself a lot more than you usually would, helping you to grow and mature.

We see living in the Boarding House as being about respect – for yourself and your things, others and the Supervisors.

Generally speaking, new boarders haven’t shared rooms before and then suddenly you’re living within a tight-knit community of other students! Boarding is unique and you must remember each girl is different. Sometimes this means being quiet in the mornings and at night when your roommates want to sleep!

While your parents aren’t with you all the time, always know that when you’re feeling homesick, or out of your depth, the Boarding House team is there to support you and listen to your needs.

If it’s not a Supervisor you need, there are familiar faces all around. All you need to do is look around – you’ll be living with a group of girls who each have their own life experiences and will start to become like your extended family. The more you interact with your peers, the more friends you’ll have to turn to when you need to laugh, cry or talk something out.

Getting involved with activities in the Boarding House and the day school will help you feel as though you belong in the school community. There are many House activities such as running, swimming, mathematics, chess, drama and singing – something for every girl to participate in and get to know students from other years or Houses.

Even if you are feeling nervous, there is always someone on hand to make sure you feel included.

We hope you’re feeling ready to start your boarding journey.

Ruby & Jordyn

2017 Boarding House Captains