Winner – 2015 Innovative School

When Australia’s Educator magazine went looking for schools around the country who are leading change and innovation in the education industry they discovered Melbourne Girls Grammar was not only moving education forward but also preparing their students for bright futures.

Melbourne Girls Grammar was nominated for three separate projects, however in the words of The Educator, "It wasn't one specific nomination that won. The three nominations we received supported one another and covered the different approaches to innovation in science, technology and business. These showcased the school’s focus on innovation across multiple aspects of curriculum and student learning."

The three Innovative projects nominated for the 2015 award included:

  1. A Morris Hall campus submission outlining their unique Science Program and facility where their Junior School girls are highly engaged scientists who display a natural curiosity about the world around them. The joy derived from scientific discovery is well known to the girls and is experienced through a myriad of diverse opportunities. These include their engagement in rich learning experiences and challenging experiments during their Scientific Units of Inquiry, conducted in their dedicated Science and Technology Centre.

  2. The School launched The Centre for Educational Enterprise in 2014 (CEE is focussed on developing, promoting and implementing best practice for contemporary educational ventures, seeking and creating critical partnerships with world class researchers, and providing learning opportunities for those invested in education. Read more at

  3. The eLearning team submitted their use and integration of Social Media, namely Twitter to engage, connect and communicate. Whilst some schools are busy banning social networking sites, such as Twitter, Melbourne Girls Grammar (@MGGS_SouthYarra), has embraced its use since 2013, both inside and outside of the classroom. The School has found Twitter to be a powerful learning tool as well as a platform for communication & collaboration for students. During the annual CityWeek experience The School found that it enabled the students to engage with the organisations that they were working alongside and continue conversations, long after the formal experience had ended. By integrating a live Twitter feed into their LMS, SchoolBox it meant that anyone following their hashtag could follow the students journey, so that the experience and their learning was shared with the wider school community.

In 2014 there were 9,389 schools in Australia and the Innovative Schools report turns the spotlight on just 40 schools that epitomise the future of education and here at Melbourne Girls Grammar we are thrilled to be one of them.

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