Boarding House Life

The Boarding House offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which the students can grow in self esteem and reach their potential in all areas of school life.

Boarding House Structure

Our younger boarders are accommodated in rooms of four, which encourages them to live harmoniously with one another. Year 11 students are allocated double rooms and all Year 12 students have their own room.

As the School is a learning environment, study is a priority for our students. Our Residential staff are all able to tutor in a range of subject areas and supervise evening study in the library with Years 7 – 10 and are available to Senior Year students who are able to study in their own rooms. Our boarders support each other through their learning and provide both emotional and academic support to each other as peers.

Care and Wellbeing

We have a team of Boarding House Tutors who play a hands on supportive role, steering the girls through the ups and downs of adolescence in a residential community. As they are all tertiary educated and are chosen for their particular skills and interests, these young women are also available for continuous, informal academic support. We are confident in their positive role modelling and professional care.

In the Boarding House there is an expectation that students conduct themselves appropriately and in accordance with the MGGS Student Code of Conduct. An harmonious, happy environment promotes every girl's success and wellbeing.

A Breadth of Opportunities

Boarding Students have access to Melbourne Girls Grammar's world class facilities, enviable location in Melbourne CBD, but also access to all the diverse and dynamic co-curricular opportunities available to every MGGS girl.