Boarding House Life

The Boarding House offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which the students can grow in self esteem and reach their potential in all areas of school life.

Boarding House Structure

The Boarding House is located in the centre of the Merton Hall campus and is a thriving learning precinct. 

With all year levels residing within one House, we provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which the students can grow in self-esteem and learn to reach their potential in all areas of school life. With a strong student voice, the Boarding House Council organises many activities to supplement regular School commitments. This genuine control and decision making ensures that leadership skills are learnt, negotiation is valued and compromise is essential. 

Sharing rooms strengthens bonds between boarders and the changing of rooms occurs at the end of each semester and at the Director of Boarding’s discretion in consultation with the students. Our younger boarders are accommodated in rooms of four which encourages them to live harmoniously with one another. Year 11 students are allocated double rooms and all Year 12 students have their own room. 

Several small common areas are open to all students at certain times within the House routine. ‘Verbal Exploration’ is important to girls and the architecture of the House reflects this. With many smaller laundries, kitchenettes, break out spaces and Wi-Fi, we attempt to reflect a homely space. Girls learn to be accountable for running their own life. In practical terms, this provides preparation for real life after school. Girls are in a very safe place to make mistakes and genuine lifelong learning occurs within a boarder' experience.

The Years 7 and 8 boarders have a fully supported, structurally rigid daily life. The St Hilda's Program, which runs concurrently across the Boarding House and day school, fosters leadership, diversity, responsibility and identity. St Hilda's boarders operate as a unit, intensely learning the key skills required for the Senior Years.

Care and Wellbeing

We have a team of Boarding House Tutors who play a hands on supportive role, steering the girls through the ups and downs of adolescence in a residential community. As they are all tertiary educated and are chosen for their particular skills and interests, these young women are also available for continuous, informal academic support. We are confident in their positive role modelling and professional care.

In the Boarding House there is an expectation that students conduct themselves appropriately and in accordance with the MGGS Student Code of Conduct. An harmonious, happy environment promotes every girl's success and wellbeing.

A Breadth of Opportunities

A boarding experience at MGGS allows for opportunities that our students would not have otherwise including drama, music, sport, squad training, choral and rowing. Boarders live in the heart of the School and the heart of Melbourne. Boarders have optimal access to learning, staff, resources and facilities. Our central location only builds upon opportunities to access resources; world class sporting and cultural events and facilities are literally on the doorstep.